Essence of the DS Expertise

The embodiment of Savoir-faire
Savoir-faire runs in the DNA of every DS. From the technology that moulds your driving experience to the craftsmanship behind every detail, the DS was designed for excellence.

1400x800 slide 10_2Feel the difference
Every piece of material, from the premium Nappa leather to the diamond-effect glossed metals, goes through the same exacting standards of seasoned, expert hands.

1400x800 slide 10_3Distinctive expertise
To claim the title of a DS craftsman is to have undergone a long, meticulous process of apprenticeship and experience. Take our distinctive ‘pearl’ stitching for instance – the product of 8 years of steady perfection.

1400x800 slide 10_4Poised for consideration
Every component of a DS demands precision and a rare, exacting know-how. From our gilded detailing to our aluminium brushed trims, nothing is out of place.