June 8, 2020

What gives the DS 7 Crossback its wow-factor

What gives the DS 7 Crossback its wow-factor

Smooth ride, comfortable spaces — the DS 7 Crossback is a car that makes people go 'wow'.

“I drive to work every day, so having a car is essential to me and my family. When my friends recommended the DS 7 Crossback, I found great praises for it on sgCarMart and was further surprised when I went down to the showroom. If anything, the attentive service I received only made me more certain that this was the car I needed.

Aesthetically, the DS 7 Crossback presents an excellent finishing with a diamond-shape mesh and sleek LED headlights on the outside. On the inside, I love how wide the 12-inch touchscreen dashboard is. It even features a B.R.M 180 R180 timepiece that flips open whenever I start the car. Now, that’s a stylish way to tell time! Having to chauffeur my parents, sister and kids around, I’d say their favourite feature is the front seat’s massage function and the ability to recline electronically in the back seats.

For a luxury car, the DS 7 Crossback definitely impresses with its technological offerings. Little thoughtful additions like a spacious boot and placing the window panel controls in the middle instead of by the driver’s door also shows how meticulous the brand must be. I can see why my friends raved so highly about this, and I would recommend it to those looking for a sleek and smooth ride.

— Zhang Huan Bin