June 2, 2020

An extraordinary car that truly stands out

An extraordinary car that truly stands out

Everyone who sets their eyes on the DS 7 Crossback can't quite tell what car it is - and that's what makes it so special.

“Being a previous Citroën Grand C4 Picasso owner, I trusted C&C and their services. When I saw the DS 7 Crossback at the showroom, it instantly caught my eye. The DS 7 Crossback looked impressive. It was different from other SUVs and its technology was amazing. For instance, the dashboard can be personalised for navigation and its central touchscreen can also be easily connected to my smartphone. My favourite part is that it’s 12-inch wide, compared to the 7-inch screen I had in my previous car–and I really like big screens!

I was also very impressed with the seats. Compared to our previous Grand C4 Picasso, the DS 7 Crossback is slightly smaller–but family doesn’t need the extra space so that wasn’t a concern as long as we could fit our usual grocery bags. The automated seat adjustment and reclining rear seats, on the other hand, were technology I’ve never seen in any car I’ve ever owned. On top of that, the front seats can be ventilated and even have massaging functions–which is comfortable for my elderly dad when I’m driving him around.

For a French brand, the DS 7 Crossback offers astounding technology for a great price. DS Automobiles may be a pretty niche brand, but my family and I are extremely pleased with our purchase. It’s a car with an exterior that truly stands out and an interior that is highly functional–all-in-all an extraordinary experience!”

— Wong Jia Wang